When managing a small event, you’re responsible to make many crucial decisions, but choosing the right location and venue is one of the decisions that impact the entire event. From the attendees’ experience, catering options and speaker lineups to even date, everything depends on the location and venue you pick. 

Does this sound exhausting? Well! you don’t have to feel this way as we’ve got you covered. The following blog will cover some factors that you can consider when choosing a venue for Small events


One of the most crucial factors to consider when organising a small event. You may be searching for a venue such as a Heritage house within a closer distance from the attendees’ place of work or homes. If they’re travelling from out of the city, choose a venue near to their hotels or airport. Or, you can simply consider Clone House, a renowned and luxurious B & B that manages corporate as well as private events. 

Whether you’re looking for brainstorming sessions, a theme dinner or team-building activities accompanied by delicious meals and a glass of wine, they’ve all to offer. 

Services & Amenities 

Do they provide lines, tables and chairs to use in the event? Do they offer catering services? What’s the capacity of the venue? Is it suitable for the attendees? These are some questions that you could ask before choosing an event venue. 

If you choose www.clonehouse.com, you’ll get endless event organising options as the B&B also has exquisite dining services, a Victorian sitting room, a rich history Country house and gardens to make your event memorable for your guests. Feel free to contact us for more details.