Pet friendly guesthouse are those that provide a variety of amenities that cater to pet owners. Pet owners can order gourmet room service menus for their pets at these hotels.

Pets are provided with ability to stay with owners in rooms and to be off lead in the gardens in grounds when accompanied by owner so long as dog and people friendly.

Country guesthouse and garden

A huge house or mansion in the English countryside is known as an English country house. These residences were frequently held by someone who also owned a townhouse. This allowed them to spend time in both the country and the city, hence the distinction between town and country for these people. However, before the Reform Act of 1832, the word also included buildings that were, and frequently still are, the primary residence of the landed aristocracy who governed rural Britain. County business was frequently conducted in these rural homes, which had functional origins in manor buildings.

A garden is a defined space, usually outdoors, where plants and other natural forms can be cultivated, displayed, and enjoyed. Even the most untamed natural garden has a lone trait that sets it apart: control. Gardening can be done using both natural and artificial resources. Clone House provides both wild and tamed garden spaces. It invites the countryside into the garden and allows guest to feel the countryside whilst at same time having ponds, streams and a vast array of flora in terms of trees, shrubs and flowers.

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