The Past few years have seen a stable slope in demand for B&B Wicklow. So, what is the big deal about these inns? Why not only travellers but couples are also choosing B&B as their wedding venues? Well! it, certainly, is the personalized care, home-cooked hygienic food and additional services like dog stay etc.

Some good B&Bs just like Clone House, go above and beyond to make your feel comfortable with their luxurious and personalized hospitality services. If you’re searching for a good wedding venue, then a B&B could be the best option for you and here’s why.

1. All-in-one venue

From dinner rehearsal in the luxurious dining room to the dreamy wedding ceremony to well-organised reception at night Bed and Breakfast has got it all covered so, you can relax and enjoy your wedding. 

2. You can stay with your guests

B&Bs host your guest comfortably and conveniently – so, it’s a win-win for both you and your guests. They can enjoy your wedding in the comfort of luxurious services and you can prepare yourself for the wedding without worrying about your guests. From mingling, and mixing to a glass of wine, you can spend some precious moments together with your family and guests. 

3. Local and on-site catering services

Apart from breakfast services, some B&Bs provide on-site catering services for events. And if they don’t, their networks are broad enough to let you connect with the best local vendors and catering services in the area. 

So, if you’re already convinced to book a B&B in Wicklow for your wedding, then visit to get in touch with the professionals of a Dog friendly hotel.